If you’re at this section of the website, you already have a good deal of management experience. You have worked with budgets, clients and/or greens committees, and crews. Your knowledge of turfgrass is now a strong combination of higher education and experience. You have been through several stages of your career.

    If the first paragraph describes you, then you are probably also at a crossroads. What will the next stage of your career be? Are you satisfied where you are, or are you looking for more advancement potential, control, and freedom?

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    Owning your own business may be a great option for you, and owning a Teed & Brown franchise is one way to get there. If you have a good deal of real world experience and you’d like to start putting it to use in building something of value for yourself, read on to find out more about the process of owning a Teed & Brown franchise.

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