A critical aspect of any Turfgrass student’s education is an internship. While any work experience is helpful, an internship should be structured and carried out with the specific intention of providing an invaluable learning experience.

    At Teed & Brown, we are committed to providing critical educational opportunities for future Turfgrass Professionals. In this section, you will learn a bit more about what an internship at Teed & Brown would entail, and what kinds of things you will have the opportunity to learn.

    Above all, we are dedicated to making a Teed & Brown Internship far more meaningful than simply pushing around a mower or swinging a weedeater.

The Program Elements

About Teed & Brown

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    *Due to the different seasonality of the home lawn care business, we can only take interns from March - June, from August through Thanksgiving or from March through until Thanksgiving (Full Season). We do realize that this creates complications. If you can ONLY perform an internship during the summer months of June - August, we will not be able to help, but we’d still be happy to speak with you about your goals and interests in the Lawn Care business. Please feel free to contact us at any time.