During your stay here, you will be asked to make weekly entries in a blog. There will be a direct link to this blog here on our website so that any interested people will be able to read it. It is very important to us that you  continue to learn new things, then share them with others.

    The act of writing down your thoughts and experiences forces you to re-live and analyze them in a way that makes the learning experience even stronger. It makes you realize when you actually have been productive, and when you have just passed a relatively mundane week. Sitting down at the keyboard and writing for the world will help you to think through what you are experiencing and learning. It will also help us to understand things better from an intern’s point of view, so that we may continue to improve this program. After all, if you are considering applying for an internship, wouldn’t you like to hear about the thoughts and experiences of somebody who has already been through it?

To see the blogs that are currently active, just click below:

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